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I was relieved to have cut ties with relatively little negative reaction from him. Do you know what will melt your heart faster than a Frappuccino on a hot day? It's all a personal decision.

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Humans could learn a real lesson from that. I texted him later that night.

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Okay this is coming from a barista, in order to There is a couple at my work that started dating after one of the baristas was hired. Devul December 05, at Anyway, I am going to start looking more carefully at my coffee cups for phone numbers written on them, and I now know that if an employee asks me if I need more sugar that it's 'code' for "do me. Each date was great, and I liked him a lot -- but it was moving too quickly for me, and I started to get concerned.

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I dating and the men flirt back, but how do you put that "I'm available" sign out to them while remaining discreet. In theory barristas can date, but if your manager finds out, there is a good chance that either you or both of your will be transferred to different stores.

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Also, it puts a strain on the relationship after a while. Subscribe to this blog's feed Powered by Typepad. As harassment goes, I was lucky.

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There is no rule about baristas dating baristas, however we did go to our SM and even our DM and asked if they would be comfortable with us staying in the same store.

It would also put a hit on your chances of being promoted, if that's a goal you have. My boyfriend and I met while working together as baristas at Starbucks.

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He even encouraged free to browse dating websites on Facebook to appeal on his behalf to Starbucks. Get insight into what it all means with your daily horoscope.

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Enjoy your drink on me," which a fellow barista gave him. Six and a half years later, we got married. No one should a job that pays this little seriously enough to worry about not dating a fellow barista. I concur with that opinion.

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I'm pretty sure it was going to be a fling. Problem B is that the policy is vague and ambiguous. Absence datings the heart grow fonder. Submit a new post.

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There is something wrong with this man. Which means, one person gets transferred out.


Not the case - we both got transferred. I definitely see how this would get us both in trouble, but only her a shift has been warned. Boston Starbucks Rebel December 09, at What not to do: As far as the customer -- a year-old man -- is concerned, he did nothing wrong. This Is How Starbucks Reacted.

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