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Dating british helmets

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Determining which type of German WWII helmet you have and how much it is worth is always an interesting exercise. Known Makers of British Helmet Liners. In addition information is provided regarding hot dating site pics current market value of the helmet.

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Here's 3 examples of the heat marks. Crosby Co - Buffalo - New York. Can you paste this video to the thread Kenny.

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The history of the modern US combat helmet can be traced back to These criticisms were addressed in the Mark I model helmet ofwhich had a separate folded rim, a two-part liner and matte khaki paint finished with helmet, sawdust, or crushed cork to give a dull, non-reflective appearance.

Contact Us wwiirestorations helmet. The only change to it was the addition of the Swastika sticker. Both types have the liner bolted to the shell.

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The original design Type A was made of mild steel with a brim 1. The information found here will assist the military collector get a better understanding of the type of helmet and what is worth in the present market.

The British Mark I Brodie & the U.S. P17, know the difference

Thank you GHarvey, your information was very useful!! While the US Manufacturers developed their own M helmet and got production.

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Stickers were applied to the side to designate branch of service or special units. Since the US did not have a helmet design at the time, it turned towards its allies. From all the braches. However, you will need to be a member free to see the photos. It may be tempting for some to say because the two datings british of helmets look so similar they are the same.

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Over time this would nullify any anti-reflective properties the finish possessed thus putting the wearing in danger. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. After the fall of Dunkirk steel helmets were scarce and priority of steel helmets went to the Government and armed services.

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