Dating ink bottles Antique Ink Bottles

Dating ink bottles

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Printed in French and English on two sides. The crate itself has stains, stamps and wear as shown.

Vintage Ink and Ink Bottles - Pendemonium!

Wood topped cork stopper style cap is painted red. Carter's Cube Ink Bottle No.

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It looks like the lid to the tin was opened at one point in time, or perhaps attempted to be opened, the lid has some crinkles around the edges from probably a screwdriver blade and it is now firmly in place.

Delta Inchiostri Fountain Pen Ink.

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Perfect black, white and red label with cameo in center. The Tip-Fill bottle was designed so you could lay it on one of the side facets and be able to access the ink easily to fill your fountain pen. Higgins India Ink Bottle No.

One of my Argentinian friends kindly translated that Cola Semi-Liquida is similar to what we in the US know as ink cement. Perfect black and white label on the front. Bright yellow metal screw on lid. Waterman's Washable Continental dating site Ink Bottle, ca. Box bottles shop dating and top flaps are missing, 2 ounce cylindrical clear glass bottle embossed black bakelite lid - Ideal Globe Waterman's Turn to Remove.

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Clear glass 2 ounce square bottle has some green ink dust in the bottle. Parker Superchrome Ink Bottle, rectangular clear dating with ribbing on two sides, black metal screw on cap is printed Parker in silver. This one is in very good condition. Black plastic screw on lid.

F Werer Co Phila and in the center a quite detailed embossing of a Sphinx. Original bright yellow, red and black box is in very good condition with bottles intact although torn a little on two folds, the bottom of the box features Waterman black hard rubber fountain pen against a globe background.

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Blue Black ink dust in bottle. Small irregular hole in label about center, lots of wear single taken mentally dating luke bryan shirt the lid.

One small chip on applied sfax dating. Great illustrated label in soft yellow, light and dark blue and metallic gold. Comes with original Ryto box, 3 of the 4 flaps are in the bottom of the box.

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Carter's Ink Cubes This is the place to be for old ink bottles from the early s up to the s. Edge of lid rim is rusty.

Antique Ink Bottles

I found hundreds of old bottles in the rafters of an old garage and these are 5 of those bottles. The label wraps entirely around the bottle with much small print about the virtues of this ink and to stir thoroughly.

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Label in very good condition. Full of usable turquoise ink.

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The bottoms are numbered and Metal screw on lid was designed to be used with Fount-o-Ink desk sets. There is even a little arrow on the top of the lid indicating which direction to turn the cap.

Bottom left portion of label ink missing. Parker 51 Ink, ca. Ink bottle in excellent condition, the box is a bonus.

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Delta Colleseum Ink, ca.