Teachers dating students law One more step

Teachers dating students law

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Here, the legislature spoke, and enacted a law. Teachers dating students - Against the law?

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Second, it ignores the power relationship between the woman and her student, which makes this different from the usual male-female relationship, and puts the boy on a different footing. My guess is that any situation where one of the would-be lovers has legal authority or is in a position of new dating sites in europe, for example a doctor's authority over the other is forbidden.

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Dating ANY student, even if they were not in your class or were in any of your classes was frowned upon.

And not just out of the particular class the teacher is teaching, either; I asked this question in another thread, and apparently all teachers in a school are in authority collectively over all students. Some universities say it's okay as long as the student is not in the teacher's class, or their advisee, or in any other position where the teacher has direct authority over the student, but I doubt any high schools will have this much leeway in their policies.

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The place with the highest age of consent in the world appears to be Madagascar where it is At both schools the policy falls directly under the 'sexual harassment' language, meaning it could also be applied to students who know you are dating another student and feel uncomfortable about it.

But teacher dating students law trumps age, and teachers have power.

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Even there, dating a student not one of yours was extremely frowned upon. Last edited by BlinkingDuck; at Obviously, the younger the student, the worse the injury, but abuse of power is about power, not age.

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What if he was a substitute? If the teacher were less attractive? The criminal law is the will of the majority. A different brother told me about a case in Illinois my teacher dating students law state where an older guy was involved in a sexual relationship with a young girl. Is it about age?

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Switch to Threaded Mode. Find all posts by guizot. He has admitted to some actions that I would consider dodgy, but are not in themselves illegal. Two cases in Queensland, one in my home town broke today.

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There are any number of criminal laws that I don't like. The time now is As Representative Warren Chisum, who proposed the amendment dropping the age limit explained, "If they're a student, I just think they're off bounds regardless of their age.

Which basically means that the teacher in question did whatever he did out of view of any other person. This made me a little curious and so I checked Wiki.

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He won't teach again, and I would guess from what I have read that he will be convicted: For example can a high school teacher in Illinois date and have sex with a 17 year old girl in his class?

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