Are santana and brittany dating on glee The 6 Best Brittana Scenes Ever

Are santana and brittany dating on glee

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Santana picks Brittany as her singing dating, much to their excitement. They are also looking at each other lovingly throughout the song. Falchuk describes Santana, from this point, as having come out internally to herself, but being afraid of coming out to her peers. You're not our cheer coach anymore.

2. Brittany bypassed bi tropes

Brittany looks surprised and Santana looks proud. Santana is seen standing by the lockers when Brittany approaches the girls and says she came from her first Student Council meeting and tells them she has to come up with a theme for prom. She tells him they are going to be each other's beards when a gay woman and man date each other to hide the fact that their gay and that the only straight she is straight up bitch.

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Brittany says she's going to die and Santana says it will be worth it. Do I smell like a golf course? She looks surprised and happy.

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After Santana asks "how much dough did he spend" she, and Brittany who is kneeling on the ground, sweetly stare at each other as Mercedes walks off. Brittany turns around with a serious look on her face, points to each of her boobs and shakes her finger no.

Lastly, During My Love Is Your LoveSantana is seen pulling Brittany up to the auditorium as they hold hands, they dance holding hands, and are then seen pointing at each other during the song.

1. They Re-Wrote The Script On Bullying

Santana says screw you, you put me on the bottom of the pyramid to Sue. Okay, yes, there was a lot about how the show treated Unique that was a straight up mess, but there was also something revolutionary about her. Later on they are in the bathroom and Santana is helping Brittany with her make-up.

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They are walking together past Finn and Rory when Santana refers to Finn as "orca". During I'm the Only One Finn goes up to talk to Santana telling her he's afraid she will die and he's worried about her.

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She was portrayed as over-sexualized yet completely child-like full hookup campgrounds in san diego on delusional at times in the glee few seasons, and then the math genius thing was sprung out of nowhere in order to give Heather Morris time off for her pregnancy.

Santana tells Brittany that she's got to win the dinner at Breadstix, Brittany says she knows. Brittany meets Santana by her locker with her laptop and shows the playlist she's made for her for Valentine's Day. Santana gives in because of Brittany and agrees to play nice. Who ever thought being fluid meant you could be so stuck? Don't leave me this way Next. But Brittany replies that she knows that she paid Elaine off to be her girlfriend and that she dropped out of school. When Brittany and Arite do however break upSantana ends up getting forced out egyptian dating customs the closet by Finn.

Retrieved September 14, In The Break-UpSantana tells Brittany she doesn't want the pressures free catholic dating sites online a long distance relationship; causing them to go on a 'break'.

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Santana replied by saying "Thank you". Brittany chimes back in saying she's more talented than all of them, she sees that clearly now, and ends by saying its Brittany Santana took advantage of this more than once, one example being when she bullied Rory into essentially forcing Brittany to defect from New Directions and join the Troubletones, which she had previously told Santana she did not want to do.

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So listen, how about you and I pop in some Sweet Valley High this evening and get our cuddle on? They are seen sitting and Brittany has both her hands rested on Santana's are santana thigh. They eventually resolve the issue, and marry with an extra couple to share their spotlight: They perform Pure Imagination with the others at the funeral.

Schue announces that they cannot do the song they originally selected to perform at Regionals. Schue says he will be performing with them.

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Alma, taken aback by this attitude, asks Santana directly that she would let Brittany talk like that to her. Then she grabs Brittany's hand and points to the dance floor for them to go dance together.