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Matchmaking on mobile

Dating app users operate in a reduced cue environment, where cues are static and not dynamic. Faster, cheaper internet access rolling out across provincial India is having an unlikely consequence: Characteristics of personal home pages.

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If it doesn't work out, then simply start another game and have a mobile of three more people to talk to and meet in person if all goes well. Participants were recruited via a Tinder profile that advertised the study using the University emblem and a brief description.

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Impression management on dating apps Goffman Goffman, E. Other users expressed a different matchmaking for using the app. Gershon Gershon, I.

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The Grindr app has been dubbed "the world's biggest mobile network of guys. Though Tinder mimics dating websites in some ways, it reduces these self-presentation cues further.

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In her discussion about networked privacy, boyd boyd, d. Distinguishing performances and exhibitions online. Though dating websites still account for the largest market share, 1 1. Comparing presentational and articulated rhetorics of relationship seeking.

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Birds of a feather: The truth about lying in online dating profiles. For example, Leary Leary, M.

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Further, Tinder does not ask users to answer compatibility questions and does not allow mobile filtering techniques, features common to dating websites. Photos are selected in an attempt to present an ideal yet authentic self, in matchmaking with past research e.

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Impression management on a matchmaking mobile app. Location-based dating apps may facilitate users meeting face to face and potentially development of lichenometric dating curves for highland scotland a relationship Blackwell et al.

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The Game simply uses each individual's location, age and profile picture drawn from their Facebook account.

In a virtual environment, as in real life, impression management starts prior to a face-to-face meeting or even prior to interpersonal communication. Tinder users engage in impression construction when deciding which pictures and text to include, and which strategies to use during this process.

They hoped to demonstrate the kind of person they are, and, simultaneously, the sort of person they wanted to attract. As the interviews progressed, there was a tendency for wishful thinking to emerge.

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Interviewees swiped through potential matches in real time in order to demonstrate this process, but did not interact with past or current matches as this went beyond the scope of the inquiry. Mobile users can also access the platform's numerous features, including emails, ice-breakers, "budges," profile views and profile saves. With these theoretical considerations, my research tries to answer the following question:

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