T 34-85m matchmaking The T-34-85M Desperately needs Preferred MM.

T 34-85m matchmaking

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Submit a new link. Its tracks have a 40 degree per second traverse speed which makes turning a little sluggish when combined with the poor engine power. I stopped doing that after I was Its gun is slightly worse than type In fact the credit income vs t matchmaking tier 6 tanks is marginal at best.

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Add in the fact that its aiming time is horrendous singles dating philadelphia you have a tank that can't snap shoot as well. So how is it physically possible to play this tank in a tier 8 game, it doesn't have the mobility to dodge or scout, it's gun can't pen for naughty word and it is a two hit kill for everything in the game. If you don't have a cannon with good enough penetration, you should aim at lower plate or weakspots on the upper plates that are well visible.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to WoT Guru and receive notifications of new posts by email. So far after 34 battles i can say Tm is pretty good and it doesnt need pref mm.

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Even with preferred MM the premium Tiger 1 in the works will be a disaster at tier 7 and may prove to be an even bigger sales failure than the Panther 88 was upon release and I didn't see many more of those in matches after they slashed the price. Wait, you mean to tell me people actually went out and bought this piece of crap?

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It's 'ok' at Tier 8 provided you play it in a support role and be prepared to toss a fair amount of gold downrange at the tougher targets. LimiterOne 11 Posted Jan 12 - As to crew training, the tank contains the same crew slots as the regular This helps profit margins if you avoid using a lot of the premium APCR shells and the TM can make a decent amount of credits per battle if played properly.

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I would like to agree with you but it's the only Russian Medium Trainer that plays like a Russian Medium. I like to think of slow mediums as tanks that prevent me from getting myself into trouble to fast, and the TM matchmakings this way of thinking perfectly.

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Nothing too terribly wrong with it right now, however it would be much more enjoyable if it did have pref MM. It's performance clearly show it desperately needs preferred MM. The tiny bit of additional armor it gets compared to the feels non-existent.

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Malinovka Abbey Live Oaks. It does damage per shot, has a iffy accuracy, and a good aiming time. Solaxe, on 12 Baby sitting dating lille - Eokokok 12 Posted 28 January - Oh and btw the comparison to the Type 58 is just Troll bait.

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Laatikkomafia 4 Posted 10 January - Then you can try to flank the enemy and attack him from side or the back, where his armor is much weaker.