High school story dating tips relationship levels

High school story dating tips

Dating levels

Hints, Cheats, and Strategies. Oct 24, 9: But i'm not 45 and older dating sites sure how. Whenever you throw a party and meet a new type of student a combination studentyou will be able to put them in one of two types of hangouts. Even More Cheats, Hints and Strategies.

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The high puts you in many different situations for the quests especially where you have to choose what dialogue to say. Isn't that her cousin?

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If you throw a jock and nerd party, you can meet a gamer, who can then go in either the jock or nerd hangout. The New Era of Arcania Begins. XXX Junior Play, games and stuff. To prevent the game from easily detecting quick time changes, shut the app off in between switching matchmaking wot pl and forth between later times and earlier times. Oct 7, 5: Slight implications of bisexual Payton??

It would be nice to get some further dating tips, though. That would be cool!

I've been sending Julian and Autumn on dates since I knew they liked each other and recently they've been getting more flirty with each other in quests so I'm really hoping it does affect it You never school story though. Oct 9, 5: Android Games iPhone Social Games.

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I'm probably at opal-the-nerdy-director. Opal Graduate If you're reading this post, I'm probably inactive.

Matchmaking part 2

Oct 6, Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide. I don't remember saying she liked a girl? I haven't had Julian date either Peyton or Autumn, and he's still a little flirty with both of them.

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I wanna see this girl so bad! Do we ever see what happens between Mia and that girl she liked? But what would've happened if i didn't send them on any dates? High School Story Guide: And she talks about them with payton.

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Mia said she liked a girl, i was just wondering if we ever see this girl or learn anything more about her. Keep gaining experience levels to unlock these quickly.

If you use the time lapse trick to set the time on your phone ahead, though, you can complete parties or anything else in literally a split second. As you keep leveling up, you will unlock upgrades to both the classroom building and to the admissions building, which will allow you to get more books at a time or to recruit more students at a time. High School Story Forum. Set the time ahead by many hours for this one, but be aware that when you set the time back to normal, it will temporarily take even longer for the hangouts to have coins for you to collect.