Hot hook up songs 25 Best Sex Songs

Hot hook up songs

I dare anyone to listen to that and disagree.

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David Banner shows us his freaky side on the bass-heavy 'Play,' a slinky sex track produced by Mr. The gravely-voiced rapper turned "wild thing" into a verb and slyly suggested that he and his prospects get busy over a sample of Van Halen's "Jamie's Cryin.

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The song made a memorable comeback in 's "The Full Monty," but it has remained a hot 'n' bothered anthem on retro dancefloors for years. On the funky 'Magic Stick,' the rap vixen exchanges over-the-top sex rhymes with 50 Cent.

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But Bible-Belters lost their minds when the suggestive song began racing up the '80s charts, fearing their children would fall prey to Madge's naughty innuendos and arousing imagery.

They love women and women are similar to peaches, and what do you do with peaches? TLC's song "This is how it works" should've been on here, it's practically a sex lesson!

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While Juvie may not exactly be whispering sweet nothings in his girl's ear, he sure knows how to get her attention. Donna Summer's strategy was to become the undisputed dirty diva of disco. And there's only one thing sexier to hot than watching Ginuwine "send chills up and down your spine;" Magic Mike showing new ways to feel the sensation.

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On his classic hit 'Doin' It,' the Queens rapper reveals his sexual desires to a fictitious lover, played by rapper LeShaun. Maybe BBD were the "Poison" ones after all.

'Doin’ It'

Using his pack-a-day croon to maximum effect, Mr. Ludacris is one freaky dude. Although more polite with its sexual innuendos than song early-'90s baby-makin' tracks, the Philly quartet hit all the right spots with this chart-topping ballad.

On their smooth joint 'Climax,' the rap hook spit come-hither lines to females with hopes mind body green dating promo code convincing them that a three-way is a song idea.

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With verses full of metaphors, the three-person group uses an upbeat club cut to illustrate the happy process of a man's favorite extremity. Take You Down by Chris Brown should have been in top 5 for sure and a couple of other songs by the same artist.

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Here are the best songs to hook up to, according to Spotify Here are the best songs to hook up to, according to Spotify Right on time for Valentine's Day, Spotify has Kelly doesn't see anything wrong with -- one of them is bumping and the other is grinding. The hit song for Roberta Flack garnered the singer and producer three Grammy nominations and sealed her place in baby-makin'-music history.