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Speed dating meetups

This isn't Match or Tinder.

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Coaching and closure of certain groups We will contact organizers if they have created content or events that do not align with our new policies. Home Help Search Login Register.

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I'd kind of feel sorry for her if they completely wipe her off the Meetup salad match proves online dating, because I think was her bread and butter since the beginnings of Meetup. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with a more specific answer other than to say that there were many complaints filed related to dating, businesses related to dating events, and many related offered services which influenced and informed our development of policies to address those concerns.

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Why Meetup supports activities that are built on civility, respect, and speed dating meetups of all, mutual consent. Wish that was the case, but according to Meetup, they plan on targeting all the companies.

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We will be removing related topics to this interest category in the future as well. That's one heck of an axe falling.

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Now a lot of this organizers events are typical mixers and social groups at local area upscale clubs and restaurants, but ONCE a month Closure Certain groups that do not align, or cannot align, with our policies will be closed. We are in the process of informing people and enforcing this change to our policies so that people have speed dating to migrate their information and move to another platform or service.

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I am not at liberty to share the specific complaints from individual members. How these policies will affect certain groups As a result of these policy changes, we will be coaching, warning, and closing certain Meetup groups. Our policies apply to everyone, new and old groups alike.

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Maybe I'm misremembering, though. For example, a doctor could organize a healthy living Meetup and provide general knowledge about how to eat healthy.

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MeetupMan on April 08, There's tons of those.