Questions to ask on speed dating 8 Important Questions to Ask When You’re Speed Dating

Questions to ask on speed dating

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You cannot simply go out with a guy without knowing his profession. You do not want to make this sound as a job interview.

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For most of us, keeping speed dating 40 50 ans grumpy face while talking about our favorite childhood memories is nearly impossible. Amusing question just for laughs.

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We will never agree on holidays. Who wants to be speed dating all morning while their partner still snores away.

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Skip to main content. This reveals the direction they are moving in, and it helps you decide if you want to take things further to endure that journey with them.

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The truth revealed ] 28 Are you a morning or a night person? Keep it light and funny too.

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Says a lot about your taste. Will everyone be weird?

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To know more about other ways to find a boyfriend ask read how to find yourself a boyfriend. Maybe you two are heading down different paths.

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Act confident even if you are not. Network Most guys arrive on their own to dating nights, which is totally fine. First impressions count, so look the part as well as talking the part.


If you meet a guy like that, engage yourself in a general discussion and move on as soon as possible. Not a mafia don but you have to know about his work. These are important questions to ask if you envision a future with someone.

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You cannot be rude to someone you have just met. They are not up close and personal but will definitely give you an idea about him. And who knows you may end up liking someone you would not have otherwise question of? Finding a boyfriend willing to pamper you can be difficult to say the least.

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Background speed dating questions Where did you grow up? If you are rather a shy girl then just be that. There may be a lot of guys who do not seem to interest you or are just not someone you would like to spend time with. Basically, he's the Jaclyn Hill of the gamers world.

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If you are reading this just before heading out of the door off to a speed dating even, know this: You must remember to be confident. What turns them on? So, consider 3 groups of 2 spread out.

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For example, if her response to the first question is "I'd see Nickelback in Japan", you can reply several different ways: I once had a guy secure a job interview during a speeddate.