Dating new york vs san francisco 12 Singles Share What Dating Is Like In Their City

Dating new york vs san francisco

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But I found it easiest in other parts of the U. It is a socio-economic dating new pot.

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There have been a bunch of different articles written about this over the years, but suffice it to say data seems to indicate there are more single women on the East Coast than the West. SF is basically a niche city, while NYC is a world in itself.

People in New York who work in tech do not live and breathe their jobs the way they do in San Francisco.

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This was by far the 100 free black online dating sites entertaining post of all time for us. If anything, I've heard from my straight woman friends that they've actually found it harder in SF compared to other places they've been. Married dating singapore to break into a group of people in San Francisco is like robbing a radioactive nuclear power plant.

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The people who live in San Francisco dress like absolute garbage. If you are ugly, yeah…that just sucks. The city is a cancer for any non-married male with standards.

1. New York

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have been reading this blog for a while and agree with most of the content. New York is also headquartered with old money, business money, where SF is tech and startup money.

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There are many promising and successful startups in New York, many of which straddle the line with other stronghold New York industries like finance, nightlife, fashion, and media. Both cities are open minded about online dating. It's far more reliable and the trains are quite frequent.

Culture If you like the idea of diversity, you can't beat New York. The guys are pathetic hipster faggots.

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Spent the last week in SF for business. Just stumbled across this blog website?

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The jokester above would never be allowed into any venue worth entering. Comment Name Email Website.

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Tons of hot Latinas and pretty looking san francisco girls to go around. Please continue to recruit your friends to SF as well. They will commonly wear hoodies, flip flops and do disgusting things to their bodies such as neck tattoos, chest tattoos, septum piercings and create large holes in their ears. Liberal PC culture, ridiculous rent prices, oversaturation of males. I can't speak on San Francisco, but I've heard that women pass around the same phrase about its dating scene as women at tech schools: