Intj female dating infj male INTJ female and INFJ male couple

Intj female dating infj male

What could have been a deal breaker with other people isn't with him because we are both able to sit, talk, and understand what is happening.

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Arnljot thanked this post. One cannot shut down and walk away from an issue, talking over it peacefully and tactfully is the greatest tool for any relationship. The turning point was when I eventually realised that that was a freak incident and that if I never take risks then I will never move forward.

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I find I'm better off when I write down my grievances and then can share what I expect of him clearly without the emotional noise attached. Because our home is our introverted comfy place, we both can tolerate a fairly high level of disorganization.

When we do, we typically resolve things as best we can, given the way his Te interacts with my Fe. I do not know enough about your interactions, your characteristics, or her ex's matchmaking allow ping to make a judgement, but there are some possibilities here with varying solutions accordingly.

He will punch objects or throw things so in return I mirror him with a bit more intensity.

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The scarring will have resulted in some universal rules which she consciously or unconsciously applies to her environment in this case, you are the subject. Fi dom to Fe dom communication?

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Thanks for the well-wishes! I also find that listening to her Te talk really makes my Ti cogs spin wildly. A Review 2 years ago.

I found the above post interesting as well in point 3, because I think it is easy for my husband and me to hit impasses in our discussions as well. My most recent post INFJ: All three are female dating infj male difficult to both find and sustain - especially with regard the final as we really don't know how it works.

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He started taking off his guard and stopped playing his mr-know-it-all game when I exposed more of my thoughts, therefore he felt more comfortable to talk about his feelings that's when I finally found some emotional connection between us. It's a difficult place to live, because you're constantly wondering which way to lean.

Fi INTj wants to connect with oneself. He needs to know that I understand why he was mad and acknowledge that it is a valid point and admit my wrongdoing in the argument.

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Unnerved by Nan Alexander: Information female dating infj male on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional. I always see his point, but he doesn't always agree with my advice to "hang in there, it won't last forever" lol. On the flip side, he respects my people sense and often comes to me for advice on HR issues at work or family issues.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I am 63 and my wife My speculation is just based on my own reaction to rejection in general, or generally hurtful events. For example, he says, "pick up your damn dishes", I hear, " I've fallen out of love with you because you have no merit as a functional human being".

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I often can't articulate what my own feelings are until I express them. Sometimes I just tell him, "Look, I can't fix this right now. We talk on very deep levels and when we do have disagreements, we just talk them out.

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If only I had taken my time further and not adamantly pushed for closeness. Considering it's only June and you said this experience was for a few months of this year, the stinging must still be very present.

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Anyway, I hope that helps. Which I suppose has led me to break up so many times - something happens and I can't see a way forward any more.

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