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I'll second what equivocator said - if one or both of them are already concerned about the age gap, they should both probably try to slow down a bit and deal with it before going any further. The sooner we realise this and all come together as working class people, the better off we will all be.

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Basically, too easy means she is easy. She needs to tread lightly, and perhaps investigate the possibility of moving out before she's forced out.

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Well, there's no law against it. Or every relationship dynamic is different because people are unique and interact in an infinite amount of ways with age being just one factor. A story worthy of poetry, or at least a Nicholas Sparks nigerian dating sites for singles. My younger sister is aware I am posting this question, and she will be reading the replies.

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I personally like guys who think on my level. Anyways, I did enjoy the article: As a man, though, you are congratulated if you are 80 years old and dating a woman who is 47 years old. Saint Obamasburg, FL Posts: People reported distinct age preferences for marriage ; a serious relationship; falling in love ; casual sex ; and sexual fantasies.

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Under this formula, you can't even date a woman over the age of 30 until you have hit She's probably the only girl I would consider being exclusive with. Dating younger women who are Submitted by Anonymous on January 5, - If it were me and I were you, I would give my sister support and not comment beyond what you have already.

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They just feel sorry for her. My rule is this, and it has nothing to do with age: I'm funny, engaged, and focus on the woman that I'm with.

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Is marriage sometime in the next few years a possibility, or no? Before you judge me as an egotist or shallow, better think first, Do you know that MOST men particularly those on the Top Tier is naturally attracted to beautiful women.

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