Tara and mark 100 days of summer still dating The Night We Lost Chicago: On Bravo's New Show 100 Days of Summer

Tara and mark 100 days of summer still dating, larry david made some questionable holocaust jokes in 'snl' monologue

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She needs to get married, like, now. He's incredibly boring on Twitter, but we're obliged to provide his handle seanseaevans. This woman is wayyy out there.

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Unless arrant bottles of Prosseco and Christian Louboutin heels are being used as weapons, these shade duels between passive-aggressive egomaniacs are a waste of time. This show keeps a hashtag graphic in the corner of the screen at all times, which is the bat signal for bottomed out expectations.

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Pure and simple, this is a discussion of the moment-by-moment fuckery delivered in the first episode. So, please fall back. Mark can feel that energy, Tara.

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Her lofty goal for the summer is to move in with her boyfriend Mark. Think about that for a second.

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Second least likely to achieve his or her summer goals: Chicagoans only have three and a half months out of the year to be productive, so the cast of Days of Summer is getting busy. In other words, his transitional phase began when Brian Urlacher was still playing safety for the University of New Mexico.

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Least likely to achieve his or her summer goals: No shots—Nellcote and RM are fine establishments. The table blames Pascale for the drama, but—quite frankly—Hamidah went in with a bad attitude and was wild reckless with her eye rolls.

This is a criminally superficial representation of the city. I mean, I probably slept with 60 girls. Cast member who shogun 2 total war matchmaking off okay in the first episode, but will likely spin out later in the season in a very insane way: Bruh, 12 career tackles during the Cade McNown era does not a local legend make.

Jay seems okay the first four minutes of the show, which is more than can be said for most of his friends.

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Cast member most likely to push a pet squirrel down Michigan Avenue in a baby carriage: Yet, they mostly hang out in places that take Open Table reservations. Sean Evans is a writer based in Chicago. Shout out to Jay for having a real job!

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She also claims to be a member of a Mensa. Phillips heads a fashion line called Attention Seeking Behavior, which is—no joke—a brand that makes clothes you can coordinate with your pet.

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It's a lot of fuckery. Person who deserves a shout out for seeming to have a real job:

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