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Warcraft dating site

How long did it last? But we're still friends.

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All times are GMT. I regret hurting her feelings, but what is done is done.

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We were in the same raid guild during wotlk, and we started chatting there as we used to farm dungeons together, she was ma little pockethealer and I was her pockettank I would love to find a site like that, not to date but just to have more friends that play wow. Gaming, for whatever reason, has always traditionally been a "man's" world.

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What can I say, I'm a gold digger Makes life easier for me. She then went back to her parents and I never ever heard from her again. I still think back about her, the warcraft dating we spend both ingame and outside of it.

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WoW dating service Is there any WoW dating service? Then after some time we met IRL.

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If you did ,where did you guys meet? The 2nd did last for almost 2 years. Originally Posted by axelnomnom.

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However, norway and sweden are pretty close, so its not more than approximately a 4 hours drive to get to her, although that distance is probably the only thing that keeps us apart i guess.

Anyone heard of such a site? The whole thing went downhill, when I transferred servers to a few buddies with TBC, she refused to site and wanted to stay on the old realm.

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We see each other about times a year. By further browsing you consent to such free online dating for 20 year olds. Forums General Dating and WoW.

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My name is Cernunnos, I will love you like no other, I have died a thousand deaths, each time I died I thought of you.