Wot ke-ho matchmaking Type 5 Ke-Ho Amazing!

Wot ke-ho matchmaking

Low top speed wot ke-ho matchmaking terrible guns.

Haven't had a bad game in it yet, it's great fun to play. Still undecided i have played amx line up to i have enough matchmaking play and do not wish to have another tier4 vs tier8 thingy View Source View history. Death 4 Posted 11 May - Its also has to do with player not really knowing dating marion nc to play even at tier ten!.

Greywoolfe64 5 Posted 09 January - These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.

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Well I have no doubt WG will monitor it's performance and decide on it at a later date, that's how it works with all tanks Most of all if you're new to the game. JetCord 15 Posted 22 August - In the Hino Jidosha company started to develop a new tank. Stick with it man, your first tank lines at low tiers are the worst.

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Do not go gentle into that good night. So many awards afterwards they were overlapped hahaha.

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After getting annoyed to no end by the MM and my teams yesterday, I played only Ke-Ho today and that's the result: Just bought it to train a Japanese crew and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to play this little tank! Is cheaper to fix provided it got blown up and can run circles around or at least achieve parity with hellcats and Pz Ics.

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The Ke-Ho really stands as an no payment dating sites of how fun a LT can be when its not getting overlooked due to its matchmaking. The Matilda is fine, though. Only problem I have with it is the gun control.

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It wots ke-ho you in a unfair battle, you buy gold and exp so. By kaneaaa Started Wednesday at So I bought some 4s finally thinking I'd get some fair er match-ups and now I'm playing against s.

Randomly is the tier for battle selected. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. Aim time is long, but its not designed to snipe.

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But I do have extensive experience in scouts. It was just fun, fits many players style well After getting annoyed to no end by the MM and my teams yesterday, I played only Ke-Ho today and that's the result:. Sources and External Links.