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Libra man dating libra female, get an astrology report for your relationship

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I would not recommend two Libras getting together. From what i have been told is that being a libra and being with a libra is like having two male cats and one female cat in the same room.

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Just be aware because dating the same sign is like dating ur wrost enemy too!! We will say that we forgive you but we will never fully trust you again. I hope this helped anyone here being victimized by their libra partner The libra of the Sun gives less light to these individuals, meaning it can be a challenge for them to see things clearly.

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He just recently broke up with me because he couldnt handle a relationship because HE was jelous, paranoid, controlling and he couldnt deal with the fact that I did not meet his expectations. Its only when you look back you realise you were the mug- I dating think Libra men are commitment shy but they cant handle love thats for sure.

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We have been together 5 years and got to say it's like a roller coaster. Libra men and women are charming and good listeners.

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I am Libra girl female and a Libra guy who happens to have the same birthday as me. There have been many success libra libra matches.

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Look great and display communication skills with meaningful conversation and sociability. My husbands a 1 and I'm a 2.


A great thing about the relationship of two Libras is in their understanding of tasteful behavior. Oh wow ok well I am female who is currently seperated from my male We are affectionate and emotional.

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Excellent woman and the sex is second to none. Basic number of point out of a tach hook up chevy of You dating a leo virgo cusp man have a good range of fragrances in your wardrobe -one for every occasion. I am completely exasperated with the situation. It's the most powerful tool I've found to predict the future of a relationship.

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My best friend and lover. There for blerd dating can be dangerous. Pairing two Libras at best is pleasing and harmonious and at the worst is bit unbalanced that makes both of them libra uneasy.

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We were long distance. I am a Libra girl who dated a Libra guy for just over 2 years. He did get a bit controlling at times but man was really amazing and I still love him, we still talk too.

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These partners value dedication, a spiritual approach to love, fineness and moderate choices, reasonable behavior that will not be judged by those around them. There's way more to all this but you need to read up on it.

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Please note this is a visitor forum page. You seek balance, so you get on well with other signs generally unless you observe unbalance or unjustified actions.

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