What to do if your friend is dating your ex It’s never OK to date your friend’s ex – and this is why

What to do if your friend is dating your ex

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But the reality is that it happens, and sometimes it happens to you. This rule is almost never stated or enforced dating and relationships today queer communities. Same concept—even if your friend didn't mean to fall for your ex, you can't help but wish he just moved to Europe after you guys broke up instead. It's difficult to meet people you're romantically interested in beyond an already-defined circle, and outside of your city's queer scene, most people you run into are likely to be straight.

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The 6 types of relationship you need to have experienced before you even consider marriage. It's a tough ask but it's worth it to know that you're not forcing their hand in any way. It might feel cathartic to try to drive a wedge between the two but it will usually simply backfire and leave you looking mean.

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It's easier, of course, to have hard-line rules — "exes are never OK" versus "exes are totally fine" — but that's not the world we live in. The last thing you want is for your ex to think you are coming between his or her relationship with your your friend.

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We know our backstories will be tangled and intertwined. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail.

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By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Dating your friend's ex might be up there with Watergate on a scandalous level, but the reality is you and your friends are probably both attractive, chill betches and it's not unlikely a bro would fall for both of you.

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Their relationship is between them; it's not your cautionary tale or your soap opera. You're not obligated to hide your feelings, because they didn't. If your friend dating your ex is a little uncomfortable to be around, arrange times when you and your friend can hang out without the distraction of an ex.

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Be careful that you and your feelings are not the cause for leading both your friend and ex to think they are marriage material precisely because they bond over disgust at your negative behavior. In the latter case, you'll have to explain this to your friend, otherwise you may drift apart.

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On the one hand, there is a possibility of it all ending in marriage in which case, it's really important to deal with it ; on the other hand, this may be just another dating experience for your friend that doesn't end up with them happily ever after. If you don't like your friend dating your ex, tell them and they might keep their life with your ex separate from you. Either that, or you suddenly want to be best friends with her, so you can get all the dirt.

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