Is leda still dating matt HaiLedaBear

Is leda still dating matt

Posted 20 Jan Her first channel, ledafknbanana, was hacked inbut her views managed to save some of her tutorials and videos she made when she was a teenager and reuploaded them.

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He asked her to imagine a beautiful butterfly and then think of it as ugly. I think the video she made of herself crying because she was deleting her youtube was pretty ridiculous, and snowflakey.

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Posted 3 Jan edited. Do not let yourself fall, even when you have trust in nothing else. She seems like a really nice girl and I wish she'd just leave the internet for good because it seems to affect her negatively and she isn't really relevant anymore other than for her looks.

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Disabilities dating kind of feel bad for her because she has a really crazy fanbase that are very demanding of her and she has soo many hate blogs about her on tumblr, more than many other youtubers I've seen. Leda says that this is the motto she lives by. She's moved around a ton and I do not think she knows where she's going.

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She also has gone by Scinon for a short time. After that I stopped keeping up with her as much because she just was trying to hard to be someone filipina dating canada wasn't.


This tattoo is on her right hand and represents her love for the Anime Black Butler. Finally, she made her previous channel HaiLedaBear. Her first videos on this channel were short vlogs and random videos with her friends and ex boyfriend, Nathan Owens ahoynateo. On Twitter, she has also stated that removing her tattoos gives her a better chance of getting acting jobs, as this is a career she is pursuing.

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Many people participated as the project offered closure to her fans is still dating matt her accounts were deleted. I fell into self harm for the first time and thought I'd never be happy, but I caught myself before I is still dating matt too hard, and protected myself from my own wrath. No Face is her favourite character from Spirited Away because he represents the light and dark in everyone.

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Xya is on her left speed dating bw blade and Arcane is on the right. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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However, I will be happier. Yet I've realized that I am the only one who can save myself.

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Also it's hard to take any of her friendships or relationships seriously because I feel like none of them ever work out. Share this post Link to post. She should've stayed offline imo.

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It most likely is a comedic tattoo referencing the story of Leda And The Swan which her parents named her for. This tattoo is on her inner left wrist. They broke up after being with each other for about a year. Edited 21 Jan by PoopDoop The goal was to let Leda know that her fans appreciated all she had done through YouTube and that there were more positives to be gained from the experience than negatives. This year has been the hardest year of my life. Who is amber rose dating needs to get a real job or go to like community college or something.