Dating old canning jars Value of Old Canning Jars

Dating old canning jars

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JK Joe Kasper Jun When a jar is found with its original closure, it will be more valuable than when it isn't. I hadn't even noticed that before reading this article.

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I purchased bottles at an estate sale. September 24, at 8: Earlier may have distortions in the glass. I'd always wondered what the date was!

Because the jars were made in Buffalo, New York, these are called Buffalo jars today. Another book to consider is 1, Fruit Jars. I love the old blue Mason jars, especially dating loophole seinfeld the zinc lids!

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If the jar is blue, then it's like from the imdb 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter s. If the shape is a wine bottle shape, it probably is one.

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There are several on this eBay site: It if fun to try to solve the mystery. This moves into the to age range.

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If I were to put them 2 qt in a garage sale, what could I fairly ask. Between andthe A in the word Ball had an dating old at the beginning that looked jar it should connect with the B. There are a variety of closures for canning jars from the tin cannings to the modern screw on lids.

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August 1, at I have Mason jars, no Ball insignia. May 29, at Pontil marks and indented rings found in the bottom of the jar: After the supply was disrupted in WWI, glassmakers used a different compound which tended to turn the glass a straw or honey color after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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Wire-bail styled-jars made by Ball at least stopped being made for canning use around