Hearthstone matchmaking not working HEARTHSTONE MATCHMAKING NOT WORKING

Hearthstone matchmaking not working, blizzard outage map

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Almost the same applies to making a specific MMR the criterion for points: Large queue gaps lead to huge MMR swings from game to game which are not healthy. I mostly play occasional games for fun and waiting longer than a couple minutes for a match sounds miserable.

Queuing into friendly accounts is still easily possible given the small playerbase and emphasis of quick matchmaking as opposed to accurate. Interestingly, this places Legend players just above a rank floor in the new system.

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Just to provide perspective on the game I mentioned in the OP. Thanks to the bonus working structure, all players can accrue a number of points each season no matter their skill, so a number of rewards can be tuned so that it is enough to be matchmaking not to get them.

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Every time is always the same: What a suprise that it's harder now at the start of the month, isn't it. For a player around rank 25, for example, playing a single game can result in a top 10 finish or a finish outside the top altogether.

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Sugar momma dating in ghana hadrienleonardo sorry to hear you're having issues. It has to be Blizzard personally out to get you.

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The problem being if you win vs players with similar skills you will quickly play against a player with better deck. Next, I will show you how. If the HCT point structure were to remain, HCT points could be distributed based on ladder points, which hearthstone reward both activity and skill.

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