Funny fart dating story Masturbation, racism and farting: People share their most cringe-worthy date stories

Funny fart dating story

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Well, you can either tell him, or like me, let the fart speak for itself. Most people have at least one bad date story, but some are definitely more cringe-worthy than others.

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And the woman whose Tinder date turned up with her face on a T-shirt: For questions or concerns, contact us at info hahasforhoohas. I was already into this guy—his pictures were cute and the texting was good.

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That said, the silver lining of a weird, funny, or just plain bad date is that it always makes for a great story. I have a horrendous fart on dating site thunder bay. His pictures showed that he was cute and well traveled.

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships. And, if it makes his eyes burn.

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Your November Horoscope Has Arrived. Rob surprised me by buying an funny fart dating story pair of shoes that he caught me eyeing.

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He was the quiet, brooding, artistic type back then, and I was hoping he still was. What would you do if your date showed up with a picture of your face on their T-shirt?

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Just stand there a minute. I got super dressed-up and went to the campus bar to meet him. I finally got up just to see where he went, and lo and behold, there he is: I have a horrendous fart on deck.

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We sat silently for the rest of the way home. There was nothing I could do.

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But, to my surprise, I did. Not an idea, a cloud.

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Red wine and true friendship to the rescue. As such, I made my best friends promise to come and sit close and take credit for any wayward flatulence.

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Rob, unable to see either by fart cloud or panic, kept turning on the windshield wipers instead of unlocking the window. It was super embarrassing but I made myself stick it out with a smile until the date ended. Where do you want me to put them?

Things were looking real good.

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In the episode below, Anna shares how the fart story came about. I was even having to raise myself off the seat, gripping onto my door and the dashboard.

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About halfway through the game, someone DID fart near us, and my best friend—how I love her!