Re-os dating Preparation and Certification of Re-Os Dating Reference Materials: Molybdenites HLP and JDC

Re-os dating

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According to mineral assemblages and crosscutting relationships of the ore veins, five mineralization stages are identified Fig. Go to old article view. Seltmann and Porter Tectonic, geologic and metallogenic setting and significant deposits.

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Home dating network22— in Chinese with English abstr. This approach eliminates pitfalls in interpretation of Re—Os data from multiple oils with possibly different generation, migration, or reservoir modification history.

Streppenosa oil, a heavily biodegraded oil generated at an early stage of thermal maturation from a shaly source rock, is clearly distinct from the Noto and Sciacca oils, both generated at peak maturation from a carbonate source rock with no subsequent biodegradation.

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China47— Tectonic evolution and metallogeny of the Chinese Altay and Tianshan. Talanta45— Stage III main mineralization stage consists of molybdenite, chalcopyrite, and pyrite, with minor galena and sphalerite Fig.

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Jiang and Nie Please refer to this blog post for more information. Combined with the regional geological history, the Donggebi mineralization is concluded to have been closely related to an intracontinental extensional setting.

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Episodes19— Reference Book Alma Ata, p in Russian. Sample decomposition and pre-concentration of Re and Os dating to measurement were accomplished using a variety of methods: The biotitization zone is weakly developed and related minor Mo orebodies are hosted in this zone; the biotitization is related to late-stage vein composed of quartz and biotite.

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Geological map of the Donggebi Mo dating after Deng, The Re-Os geochronometer can aid in establishing a robust chronometric framework that is essential to fully understand the timing of events and processes through geologic time.

Here we document a potentially powerful geochronological tool that can be applied to single samples of crude oil. In comparison to cited publications for different locations e.

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Fifteen samples were analyzed over a period of 5 months. We also discuss the source of the metals in order to understand the geodynamic environments and processes that controlled the ore formation.

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Donggebi Mo deposit 4. The uncertainty in each individual age determination was about 0.

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You have Javascript turned off or perhaps are using a really old browser. In total, five orebodies have been identified, and they are distributed in the contact zone between the porphyritic granite and metasedimentary rocks of the Lower Carboniferous Gandun Formation.

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Stein a b Judith L.