Who is elena dating on vampire diaries Elena and Stefan

Who is elena dating on vampire diaries, elena and stefan

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Elena promised to help him. She kissed him goodbye. Damon was trying to get the necklace because the crystal could help him retrieve Katherine from the vampire's tomb.

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Damon asks her what she will do if it doesn't work and she concludes that she will just be dead. Elena believed had gone back to normal but the memory was still unsettling. All four have a good time talking about Caroline's achievements and Caroline reveals she is upset because she will be seventeen forever.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She told Caroline to take him out for a spin.

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Rebekah had sent Elena jumping first off a cliff so she could tell Stefan there was only one dose of the cure. Stefan is grief-stricken by the death of his friend, and Elena tries to comfort him, but is too angered by what Damon has done, and says that he has to kill him.

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Elena begs him not free dating site for filipino run away because she has done diary things too and that she won't judge him after finding out that he was tortured for 5 years.

For 52 years, four months, and nine days.

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In the end of the episode, Stefan is shown back at the Salvatore boarding house, saying as Klaus left town, he's been ordered to keep Elena safe for the reason that her blood is needed to create hybrids. However, these drugs enhanced her blood thirst and she decided to resort to a different mechanism which involves erasing her memories of loving Damon.

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Wanting Bonnie to like Stefan, Elena arranges a dinner for the three of them, and as she hoped, Bonnie warms up to him. She later confesses this to him, stating that it's the most real thing she's ever felt. Damon picks out a blonde girl for her, and Elena catches up with her after class.

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While she and Bonnie are getting ready, Bonnie tells Elena what Caroline told her: Rebekah turns up in the room and tells Elena that she can make Stefan forget everything about her, all his love for her and every kiss they shared.

He gives her the old Gilbert journal he swiped from Meredith.

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Elena finds John on the kitchen floor. Rebekah threatens to kill Elena. Three months later after Stefan had left town with Klaus, in The BirthdayElena has just turned eighteen and she is still desperately trying to find Stefan ever since he left Mystic Falls. Alaric had sold her dating, as he didn't who to take her somewhere without protection. Elena asked Damon if he wanted to come.

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Outside the church, Damon gives Elena a bag of human blood. Later, she calls Damon and informs him about this while he is meeting Elijah because she suspects that Stefan has killed the medical examiner. Advertisement And the winner is Advertisement Stefan helps Klaus and gets his humanity back in exchange. Elena and Caroline intervened, and Caroline killed the deputies, exposing her vampirism to her vampire in the process.

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She only teams up with Rebekah because they have the same goal and other fish dating site Rebekah will protect her from Damon and Stefan. When the scene cuts back to Elena, in nothing but her lingerie, is straddling and kissing a naked Damon in his bed. And then I realized, I'm not sorry.